Available product shapes: Open Die Forgings, Long Products, Semi-Finished Products / Billet

Product description

Highly stressed turbine blades and turbine discs , screws, shafts, bolts, pins and rings.

Property features

Creep resisting, corrosion resistance hardened and tempered steel, with good toughness and good creep rupture strength. Usual upper temperature limit for continuous operating 560°C.

Technical data

Jethete 1.4933, 1.4938, 1.4939 5719 S64152 X11CrNiMo12, X12CrNiMo12 BS S151

Chemical composition

0,12 0,20 0,80 11,70 1,70 2,70 0,30 0,04

Chemical composition (average %)


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BÖHLER Germany

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BÖHLER Germany