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Product description

BÖHLER M121 ISOPLAST is a remelted nickel chrome molybdenum case hardening steel produced by the PESR (Pressurised ESR) method designed for components with high demand in toughness and core strength.

Property features

  • Best fatigue strength and toughness properties as well as outstanding tensile strength
  • Good dimensional stability, thereby low distortion
  • High cleanliness level for best homogeneity
  • 100% ultrasonically tested pre-material
  • No hydrogen increases during remelting reduces the danger of cracking
  • Tight elemental control, precise adjustment of alloying element contents

Technical data

~ 1.5752 ~ 15NiCr13

Chemical composition

0.14 0.30 0.45 0.70 0.15 3.50

Chemical composition (average %)



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