Available product shapes: Long Products, Open Die Forgings, Semi-Finished Products / Billet, Plates

Product description

Components for gas turbines, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, the aircraft industry, furnace construction and particular seawater applications.

Property features

BOHLER L625 is a non magnetic, corrosion and oxidation - resistant, nickel - base alloy. High toughness and strength in the temperature range cryogenic to 1000°C. The alloy has excellent fatigue strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance to chloride ions. Weldability is good.

Technical data

Alloy 625 2.4856 5666 B446-03 G1 N06625 NiCr22Mo9Nb

Chemical composition

  <=0.050 21.00 8.50 Rest <= 1.00 <= 0.40 0.18 3.40 <= 3.0

Chemical composition (average %)

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